We met at a frat house at MIT—not actually our own school.

In fact, we were both studying at The College of the Holy Cross and had never bumped into each other before, despite the intimate size and feel of our alma mater. We were introduced by a mutual friend at Phi Beta Epsilon where the stars aligned when Kristen overheard, “Hey, here’s another Holy Crosser!”

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Things seemed to play out in slow-motion: we hugged like long-lost friends, sat down on the stairs, and chatted into the wee hours of the morning.

Fast forward post-college, Dina pursued a career in business management—an entrepreneur's dream that evolved into co-founding the first boutique service for “troubled” dogs in NYC. However, realizing her strength as an educator, combined with an itch to travel, Dina moved to Paris, conquering learning French and discovering her niche in the world of Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS, and BULATS exams.

On the other side of the world, Kristen studied for her Master’s degree in Spain & Mexico (thanks Middlebury!), going on to win a Fulbright invitation to teach college students in Brazil. She then opened up her own successful consultancy practice, specializing in standardized test and college prep in Panama City, Panama.

We have worn many hats with our combined experiences in business & education. We’re especially thankful for our college education as it paved the way for our successes and made us who we are today. We learned that choosing a college is not just about what you study and what you decide to do afterward: it’s about being present and aware of the domino effect it has on your friendships, your career, where you live, and even your self-confidence.

Now, we want to pay it forward with a fresh approach to help international students get accepted into a college/university of their choice!


Combined, Kristen and Dina have obtained the following degrees, certifications, and memberships:

  • UC Irvine Independent College Consulting Certificate (anticipated March 2019)

  • Middlebury College: M.A. in Spanish Linguistics

  • College of the Holy Cross: B.A. in History (Dina) / B.A. in Anthropology/Spanish (Kristen)

  • Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) - Provisional Member

  • TEFL-TESOL Certified

  • SAT/ACT Expert