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Kristen is a wonderful person and an excellent professional. As a college prep educator, Kristen has been helping students reach and exceed their potential. She works with dedication and integrity, always going the extra mile.

Rogelio V.
Independent Educational Consultant & Parent

Working with Kristen was great! She was very flexible with the schedule and if you for some reason cannot make it in time she’s very understanding. I honestly see no negative sides from talking through Skype; you can study with your teacher with the comfort of you own home! Being able to choose the time and place you want to study I think is a huge advantage which is why I believe everyone should study this way! Kristen was also great because she loves dogs as much as I do 😜😜 (I hope Pata is doing great)! 

Isabella M.  -   HS Senior '18
Applying & Awaiting Acceptances (we wish you all the best! Lots of love to Teddy!)

You helped me the most in how to begin studying for the SAT as well as how to answer the questions (which ones to skip, which ones to answer and also how to read these questions) to a friend I would say that you are a great teacher and paying attention to your tips is worth the time, and some tips would be to actually pay attention to what the questions are asking instead of rushing through them.

Ricardo M., Senior '18

Kristen helped me a lot with my writing skills, like which rules to consider for specific scenarios. I learned strategies to manage my time better in Reading (like not to read the whole text, but skim for the main idea). For the essay, I was able to structure it a lot better and use more specific examples and got a much better score.

  1. Be organized and remember everything you've learned.
  2. Manage your time wisely. If you do't understand it, just bubble in your favorite letter and keep moving!
  3. Chillax, it's not that big of a deal—you can always take it again.

Eloy A.
Fanshawe College '20 (Biotechology Major)

Kristen encouraged me to give my best and took the time to explain the solutions and give me tips.
What advice do I have for you? You need to practice because, otherwise, your score won't get higher. Give your best: the more you practice, the better your results will reflect your effort. Focus and set a goal. At least, practice daily to achieve the results you want.

Diana M., Bentley U '20

That practice SAT with Kristen was CLUTCH! It definitely helped to work one-on-one. The exam is not made for smart people, but for people who work to get a good grade on it. Study and practice as much as you can. Time yourself, and find out a method that will work for you.

Estefania S.
U of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business '19

Although I'm a pretty fast test taker, Kristen allowed me to save a crucial couple of minutes: I had time to go over my answers and be 100% sure. My advice? Take a couple of deep breaths and don't stress out too much. The first answer that comes to mind is usually the right one. Always fill in ¨B¨ if you run out of time.

Liam R.
Concordia University, Montréal '20
Cell and Molecular Biology Major

I  got so stressed even thinking about standardized exams, and am typically a really bad test taker so working with Kristen helped me so much.  Working with them I began to practice, review and prepare myself for the exams and they taught me to believe in myself and not let stress get the best of me.

Antonella C.
American U ‘20

Kristen's patience and great ability to explain SAT problems make her a complete and unique professor. She helped me improve my math, reading and writing by making me practice a lot and then going through all my wrong answers with me. I strongly recommend taking classes with her.

Ivan G.
Southern Methodist University '18

I never thought I would say that I enjoyed studying for the SAT but working with Kristen was actually fun; it didn’t feel at all like a boring class at school.  We went over strategies to help my reading since I was really slow at first, but I learned to manage my time and by the exam date I could read and answer almost everything in the section.  I’m going to miss our classes which says a lot!

Monique A.
University of Texas '20

The first time I took the SAT exam, I had an awful first impression. I didn't do well because I didn't understand the questions. Once I started working with Kristen, I learned how to decipher what they were asking and I saw my scores start to improve! Thanks to the work we did together, I am now attending Texas A&M.

Luis Carlos N.
Texas A&M '19

Between applying to college, managing extracurriculars and the SAT, last year was one of the toughest years in my life. My biggest obstacle was in Math, and working with Kristen I was able to focus on what kinds of problems I did well on and how to use my time wisely so I could improve my score. I finally got the score I was looking for and am now happily attending my first choice school!

Nicky S.
SCAD '19

Kristen really helped me to understand my strengths and to develop an efficient strategy for the SAT.

Carlos C.
Florida State University '20

I knew standardized tests measured test taking skills and I wanted to be sure I had those in order to do well on the SAT.  Working with Kristen helped me learn different strategies that I now use on even regular school tests as well.  It was great to work with someone who could see my weaknesses and make a plan to convert those weaknesses into strengths.

Martin S.
U of Edinburgh '20

My biggest SAT obstacle was shifting my own attitude towards the test.  I couldn’t have made it without you; I love that you can explain everything so well and there wasn’t a day I finished class with unanswered questions.  I think I work better with you there telling me that I can do it!  I wish I had practiced more, the SAT is like a routine and I just needed to get to know it a little bit better!

Maria Cristina G.
USC '20

After taking my first SAT practice test, I was really stressed out about  my score and thought I wouldn’t improve. Kristen motivated me to keep on going and in every class she taught me something new and strategic for the exam. Thanks to Kristen, I accomplished my goals and arrived the day of the exam prepared and self-confident. If it weren’t for her my preparation for the SAT would have been a total disaster. 

Cristina C.
Syracuse U '19

I recommend anyone who is preparing for the SAT to study with Kristen and to start as soon as possible.  She helped give me encouragement and I really felt like she treated me as an individual and adapted to my strengths and weaknesses.  

Ricky S.
Notre Dame '21 

The ACT is like a ¨birria:¨ you have to play with intensity, but be relaxed at the same time. Do the parts you like the most in Reading and English (you don't have to worry about every single question), and move quickly through Science. Definitely don't touch your book on the last day. Sleep well, drink a Red Bull in the morning,* and FOCUS! 

*NOTE: Kristen does not support drinking Red Bull before the exam, but likes Jorge enough that she included his tip.

Jorge L.
Michigan State University '21

Kristen helped me he most with strategy and practice. My recommendation for the SAT? Practice random sections everyday at least a week or two before he exam and see how well you do. That makes a huge difference. 

Javier R.
UVA Darden School of Business '20

Kristen helped me the most to solve Math problems. That way, when I saw them again on the SAT, I recognized them instantly and knew how to do them. If I had to take the SAT again, I would have done even more Math problems.

Maria Cristina M.
UVA '21

*Note: Cristy is an excellent Math student and did NOT need to do more Math problems—she only did 12 Math tests (or more?)

Kristen helped me to express my ideas better in English, since it can be hard for me to read and write in a foreign language. I recommend you prepare ahead of time and identify your common mistakes. It's also really important to practice with a clock—even if you don't want to—because that helps you the day of the exam!  

Andrea D. 
Universidad de Navarra '20

One-on-one, Kristen helped me with grammar rules that I had totally forgotten about, and that can really impact your best answer choice. Our review of Math formulas was important too.

I recommend you form a study group so you can help one another. It's also a way to push yourself to work and to not die from boredom.

Daniella M.

I felt guilty coming to class without having done my homework: that's what motivates you to do the problems.
The elimination process is certainly vital to test taking for all sections. Read the passage completely instead of skipping to the questions to capture the overall tone and meaning. In Math, think outside the box. Don't focus on what you know to solve the problem; focus on the problem and only on the problem because that has all the info you need.

Ashik D.
Babson College '20

Kristen helped me big time with my Praxis exam, which I passed right in the first time! I really appreciate the help and having a mentor 24/7. She helped me pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. I could not have done it without her! My reading skills weren't the best but she managed to turn me into the best, with a lot of practice and hard work everything paid off!

Estefania C., American University '20

We would like to thank Kristen for being specially behind our son in order to complete his practices before deadline, as we asked Kristen for help on a very short notice and having just three weeks to have Pablo prepared for the SAT. It was definitely a challenge for her since he was attending his college classes and then their class, but he did i and had a good SAT score after all.  He would have not done it without her! 

Mireya M., Parent
Pablo, LaGrange College '20

Great service, would definitely help anyone who is in need to improve their college essays, and SAT scores.

Juan José P.
Tulane University '22

Kristen was very helpful to me during my application process. She helped me contacting the schools to know exactly how much I would need on my ACT in order to get into the schools I wanted.
Fortunately, I didn’t have to take the test at all, and would have taken it unnecessarily if it wasn’t for her.

Andrea C.
Louisiana State University '19

Lo que más me ayudó a la hora de hacer el ACT fue el hecho de enfocarme en lo que me sabía y dejar lo que no para el final. A mi personalmente no me va muy bien Reading pero una vez que Kristen me aconsejó que me decidiera por 2 passages que en verdad entendiera y los hiciera muy concentrada fue lo que mas me ayudó a la hora de resolverlo.

Andrea V.
U Tecnológica de Panamá '20

With the stress of the SAT, Kristen (and Pata ¨woof!¨)  would always comfort and support me. The process stops being so painful and exhausting with their help. All that practice and all those explanations suddenly become fun and uncomplicated...and you get positive results.

I am forever grateful to them! 

Ida María O.
NYU '22

Preparing with Kristen helped me to focus a lot better than I would have by myself. I also learned better tools to use on the exam this time than the first time I took it. Kristen also helped me in Math with additional ways to find the correct answer. 

Roberto B.
U of South Carolina '20

Working with Kristen was an honor and a privilege, it was really one of the most fulfilling and fun and educative endeavors I’ve ever been a part of.  I was really stressed before the SAT since it is one of the most important tests you’ll ever take in your life.  Kristen made it a much more enjoyable and comfortable experience and I learned some strategic methods to use for my SAT endgame.  After a few tries I got a great score and am now attending my dream college!

Pierluigi C. 
Columbia College '19

Kristen helped me the most with my test-taking skills. She told me to relax and not overthink every question.

Ana Patricia S.
UVA '20

Kristen helped me become a better writer and taught me different ways to express myself through writing.  I hated the idea that a score on a standardized test would be able to determine my future but knew it was important to colleges so I took it seriously and just did a lot of practice. By the end I saw a lot of progress!

 Vivian M.
Texas Christian University '19

SAT is not only about being smart: it's about knowing technique. You need to know how to manage your time, sections and emotions. That is exactly what Kristen's program taught me: how to manage my time, learn SAT tricks that lead you to the correct answer with better time, and how to control yourself during the exam. The SAT is tough but with Kristen the SAT ends up being simple. 

Robert Z.
Penn State '20

The SAT can be stressful: everyone who has taken them is well aware of this fact. However, there is not a better stress reliever than knowing you're being prepared by a professional. Kristen showed nothing but support and talent in every single class, making my SAT experience filled with excellence. 

Sophia N.
Boston U '20 

I took the SAT twice, once studying on my own and once with preparation.  Kristen helped me every step of the way, creating a study plan tailored to my needs and reinforcing what I was weak at and giving me more confidence for the test.  My hard work paid off and I scored much higher my second time around, and now I got accepted to my dream school!  

Andrew C.
Pepperdine U '18

I had really high score expectations and was really disappointed after my first practice test. After working with Kristen, I was able to map out a study plan with enough time to really make the SAT my priority and practice enough to bring my score way up. She motivated me to keep going and believe in myself and give it my all.  I ended up with a score I am very happy with!

Nicole C.
TCU '20

I was accepted to MIT! I simply have no words to express how thankful I am, as your help with the SAT was crucial. This acceptance is for both of us, as I would not be here without your help. I will forever thank you, and I thank God for the blessing that was to meet you.

Andrés F.
MIT Class of '20

You are nice and I actually enjoyed the classes! Seriously, you helped me with my grammar and how to analyze paragraphs effectively and to find shortcuts so I could get a better score...but for real, you have a great personality and great energy.

Paola C.
Studying Pre-Med in Panama

What helped me the most in my SAT classes was the good communication between the student and the teacher.

Octavio V.
AU '21

You need to study smart, and you need an attack plan. However, you can also study two or three days prior to the SAT by gobbling up whole Princeton or Barron's test prep books, but you will utterly fail, especially if you are new to the test. This is a simple fact that many people fail to understand, and it is also a fact that I did not understand before I met Kristen.

Without Kristen, my neurons would get shredded by the test, despite the many hours I put into practice. I was like a general in WWI in that I would send wave of neurons after wave of neurons without thinking of a strategy. I did not make progress, and the SAT obliterated me. Kristen rescued me from this, for she made me follow a study plan. With her guidance, I reinforced the parts of the SAT that I was worst on and improved my score by 200 points. I adopted her strategy and earned a 1490 on the new SAT. I strongly recommend Kristen as an SAT tutor. With her planning, your efforts will dismantle the SAT. If you are committed, she will enable you will conquer it.

Philippo A.
Studying Pre-Med in Panama

My biggest struggle with the SAT was feeling sometimes like I wasn't improving or it wasn't worth it to study for so long for just one test. Working with Kristen was crucial for me to keep focused on my goals and to study regularly. I would write ¨For MIT¨ on each page of my book to remember why I was studying, and now here I am, living the dream.

Felipe M.
MIT '18

Take each question with patience and with a cool head. Freaking out will only make things worst. Kristen helped me do that, and she also made me realize that when you practice enough, your fear towards these tests go away. She made me use my logic instead of my emotions to succeed on the SAT.

Michel L.
University of Miami '20

Kristen is a really good teacher. She was always helping me to identify my errors and why I had mistakes. She also helps a lot to keep you practicing and to stay sharp, and, if she gives you advice, pay attention to what she says; I think it's the wisest thing you can do.

Juan Pablo A.
Syracuse U '21

Tuesday was my first day as an LL.M Candidate at Georgetown University. I can’t explain you how happy I am for the decision I made, how I have loved my first days in DC, and how amazing classes and my classmates are. 

It is impossible not to thank you for all the classes/mentoring/cheers/help you gave me during the past months with my TOEFL and IELTS. We both know it was tedious but with all your help and my commitment I achieved my main goal: GETTING a 100 first (TOEFL) and after a 7 (IELTS)!!!!!!!! It seemed impossible but actually it was not. 

I will be thankful my whole life really.

Karla P.
Georgetown U.

Self-determination and work are two things you must have when studying for SAT. You need to be self-determined to study and put all the energies you have to achieve what you want. You also need to believe you can do it! Believe you can ace the SAT, that you'll score as high as possible. Then, acting. This feeling and goal cannot stay in your head only as desire, but you have to realistically work, do the homework, and focus. It's not until then—when you combine both self-determination and work—that you'll be happy with your results. The saying "work hard pays off" finally becomes real.

Juan Camilo C.
St. Joseph's '20

Both of my sons took SAT classes with Kristen and it was a huge help. In class, they were able to get a feel of the exam format, the types of questions and the importance of timing, amongst other things. The grading was explained so they understood when it was better to guess or to leave a question blank. The essay writing preparation improved their scores in this section because the grading was described and Kristen highlighted the key elements. Finally, they felt confident that they were ready and any stress was reduced.

Angeles D.